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To measure your own windows, follow the steps listed for your desired mount type. Measure each window individually, as size variances are common. Record width first, then height (also referred to as length) to the nearest 1/8”. Measure width from left to right, height from top to bottom using a steel tape measure. Please do not use a cloth tape. 
Inside mount shades or blinds are installed inside the window casing.
  1. Measure the exact inside width of window casing from one inside edge to the other in three different places. Record the narrowest  measurement.
  2. Measure the exact height in three different places from top edge of opening to top of sill. Record the longest measurement. 
Outside mount shades or blinds are installed outside the window itself.
  1. Measure the exact width to be covered. Be sure the measurement overlaps the window opening by at least 1 ½” on each side (3” total overlap) to ensure light control and privacy.
  2. Measure exact height to be covered, including desired overlap. (Typically from top edge of molding to bottom edge, or to top of sill if there is one.) 
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